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One Night and One More Time [S/A]

Title: One Night and One More Time
Author: [info]corey_f 
Paring: Unrequited Pete/Mikey, background Gerard/Frank
Rating: 15
Warning: Strong language, and - believe it or not - this is the smuttiest thing that I've ever written. It's probably nothing compared to some of the things on here, but I think it's pretty smutty.
Word count: 2157
[info]mcr_bingo  prompt: Kink: Breath Play
Disclaimer: I don't own these guys, and there is no evidence to suggest that Pete, Mikey, Gerard or Frank aren't happily married (to their wives, not to each other).
Summary: A *ahem* mishap leaves Mikey unconscious in the hopsital, and Pete takes this opportunity to tell him how he really feels.

He tastes like you only sweeter...
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