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Catalyst (standalone)

Title: Catalyst (standalone)
Author: ivesia19
Rating: R
Pairing: Pete/Mikey (heavy side Brendon/Ryan and Gerard/Frank)
POV: 3rd limited
Summary: High school AU OR the one where Mikey might be having not-so-pure thoughts about the school’s newest soccer player; Ryan is a jealous emo lesbian; and Gerard thinks that love is all you need. ~6,000
Disclaimer: This is fiction. Complete fiction, though any name mentioned in here should wonder why there’s so much of this floating around.
Beta: habezweikatzen
Author Notes: The lovely takkatakkatakka requested for me to write a Mikey/Pete with a side of my OTP. I can’t say no to her. And yes, I know I have promised a lot of other fic. I’m….working on it?

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