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Do you support Pete/Mikey slash? Cuz we do!

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WARNING: This community contains boyxboy stories (slash), more specifically containing slash between Pete (Fall Out Boy) and Mikey (My Chemical Romance). If you are offended by this, please do NOT post, comment, or otherwise annoy us that you do. Just leave.

Summary This community is dedicated to the love of Mikey Way and Pete Wentz. All photo's, icons, graphics, drawings, comics, stories, and poems depicting this pairing may be submitted here. Promotion of RPS RPG's are also allowed, but not all the time. Please ask either _noidea or crystaltears07 for permission. All stories will be put in memories (to the best of our abilities) to make finding a story easier. 

Disclaimer We do not know or own the people depicted here. We are not affiliated with My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy and cannot get you backstage passes. The stories depicted here are entirely fictional and should be treated as such. We are not doing this to hurt the boys, but rather to be entertained.

Rules Please follow them. If you have a question on a particular rule, feel free to contact one of the moderators and ask.

1. When posting a story, please post the following information:
-Authors note
-Previous Chapters: (Either by link to individual ones or to archive.)

2. Please place all stories, pictures over 300px wide, and icon posts with more than 3 icons under a cut (<lj-cut text="Write something here">Storyhere</lj-cut>) or as a link to another page containing your contribution. 

3. Absolutely NO INTRO POSTS! If you'd like to say that you're new, then that's fine. Do it when you post something relivant. 

4. If you feel you must put up a "status" post for a story, please ask the maintainers and get their permission first.

5. Please make sure your stories are readable and have basic spelling and grammar. Please place paragraphs with a space between each paragraph. This makes it much easier to read.

6. Please contact either _noidea or crystaltears_07 to get mod permission to promote.

7. Please do not start drama on this community. If we see any flaming, we will delete the comments, give them three warnings, and then ban the user who is flaming.

8. If you think your story can be triggering or it may offend people, please warn people in the story info.Mbr>
9. There is to be NO posts or comments asking for Pete Wentz's screen name, email address, LJ name, or any other contact information at ALL. PERIOD.

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