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We Can Do Anything, But Should We?

Title: We Can Do Anything, But Should We?
Author: stealthy_hayden
Fandom: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Frerard (Frank/Gerard), Mikete (Pete/Mikey, yes I know that's not the most commonly used term), Mikey/Alicia, possibly more later?
Summary: Gerard is a depressed kid who kills himself in a suicide pact with Frank. Frank survives and gets tangled in with the life of Mikey, who has Kleine-Levin Syndrome-from the perspective of the living he falls into a deep sleep every couple of months, but from the perspective of the dead, he's a superpowered being who walks the boundary between the two different worlds.
Rating: Unsure at this point. It's not that I don't know how the rating system works-I know too well, if anything-but I don't have this fanfic completely planned out. To a large degree, I'm just writing plot points as they come to me, and fleshing them out into stories. Will likely be around an R in the MPAA rating system...but you can really decide for yourselves.
Warnings: Sex, violence, suicide, self-harm, major character death, minor character death, religion, necrophilia, mental illness, angels and demons
Disclaimer: Didn't happen.
Dedication: Nicky, for letting me use her as a character in this, and Katie, Karen, and Lici, for the same (though they appear later).

Part 1 (1,192 words)
Part 2 (742 words)
Part 3 (2,763 words)
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