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Love Song [08 Jan 2013|01:22am]

Title: Love Song
Author: stormvandal
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: PG13
Warning: implied sexual situations
Disclaimer: I don't own them and this never happened
Summary: No matter how many times he says it and no matter how many times Pete replies with the same thing, the world keeps turning exactly the same, and Pete and Mikey always come back to each other, in seconds or minutes or hours or days.

put away your tears and your sleepy eyes
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We Can Do Anything, But Should We? [06 Oct 2012|12:27pm]

Title: We Can Do Anything, But Should We?
Author: stealthy_hayden
Fandom: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Frerard (Frank/Gerard), Mikete (Pete/Mikey, yes I know that's not the most commonly used term), Mikey/Alicia, possibly more later?
Summary: Gerard is a depressed kid who kills himself in a suicide pact with Frank. Frank survives and gets tangled in with the life of Mikey, who has Kleine-Levin Syndrome-from the perspective of the living he falls into a deep sleep every couple of months, but from the perspective of the dead, he's a superpowered being who walks the boundary between the two different worlds.
Rating: Unsure at this point. It's not that I don't know how the rating system works-I know too well, if anything-but I don't have this fanfic completely planned out. To a large degree, I'm just writing plot points as they come to me, and fleshing them out into stories. Will likely be around an R in the MPAA rating system...but you can really decide for yourselves.
Warnings: Sex, violence, suicide, self-harm, major character death, minor character death, religion, necrophilia, mental illness, angels and demons
Disclaimer: Didn't happen.
Dedication: Nicky, for letting me use her as a character in this, and Katie, Karen, and Lici, for the same (though they appear later).

Part 1 (1,192 words)
Part 2 (742 words)
Part 3 (2,763 words)
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On Towards The Horizon [15 Jun 2012|05:17am]

Title:On Towards The Horizon
Author: heartsdesire456
Rating: R (language, violence)
POV: 3rd
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way (Various others/implied others)
Summary: Mikey Way has been missing for thirty-four cycles, all of which has been spent looking for him, when Gerard, Frank, and Ray come across a pair of young refugees on a bounty hunter ship they've boarded to search. When Frank nearly kills one of them, they make the decision to take the pair with them to administer first aid to the one Frank shot. Within minutes of having them on board, Gerard and his crew realize they have stumbled across something stranger than they had ever imagined. With Mikey's trail run cold and an extra situation on their hands, and the prospect of ever seeing their shipmate again begins to grow dim, will they manage to find Mikey, or has Gerard lost his brother forever?
Disclaimer: "-Fic.tion: [noun] something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story"
Author's Note: I'm sorry for the terrible summary you guys. I had no idea how to summarize this story, truth be told. Basically, I started out wanting to write a space!Au a while back and I started this months and months ago. Just in the last two days this story went from ~16K to it's current ~28K, so needless to say, I found inspiration again. Hope you enjoy it in spite of the atrocious summary!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Pete Wentz Is Not Fourteen Years Old (Really, He's Not) [07 Jun 2012|02:23am]

Title: Pete Wentz Is Not Fourteen Years Old (Really, He's Not)
Author: stormvandal
Pairing: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way (pre-slash)
Rating: PG (rated for language)
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em.
Summary: It’s the first time Pete sees Mikey in person on the first day of Warped Tour 2005.

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And You're The Only Place That Feels Like Home [17 May 2012|09:47pm]

Title: And You're The Only Place That Feels Like Home
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff, an Angelic looking child in the form of Bronx Wentz,
Disclaimer: It's all lies. I wish it wasn't, but it is.
Summary: Pete and Bronx go to pick up breakfast while they let Mikey sleep.
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A Story About Pete Wentz's Penis [18 Apr 2012|01:43am]

Title: A Story About Pete Wentz's Penis
Author: stormvandal
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: R
Warning: Language, sexual content, multiple references to a certain part of the male anatomy.
Disclaimer: I don't own them and most of the events are fictional.
Summary: Pete's nudes (I think you know the ones I mean) get leaked to the internet. Mikey is an idiot who shouldn't be allowed on Google.

don't google pete peen
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Tongue-Tied and Terrified [10 Mar 2012|08:28pm]

Title: Tongue-Tied and Terrified
Author: stormvandal
Pairing: Pete/Mikey, side Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG13
Warning: Language
POV: 3rd, Mikey-centric
Disclaimer: I don't own them or know them or whatever.
Summary: Pete Wentz is different, but in a way that makes him untouchably cool. Mikey Way is also different, but he's different in a way that makes him basically socially invisble. High school AU. Props to Mayday Parade for the title.

Collapse )
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Fly [Prologue] [01 Jun 2011|04:53pm]

Title: Fly [Prologue]
Author: katie_iero
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mikey/Pete (background Frank/Gerard)
POV: 3rd
Summary: Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third is, honest to god, the worst mistake of Mikey's life.
Disclaimer: Completely and utterly fictional. Not even kidding, there is no way in hell this is true.
Author Notes: First time writing Pikey, and first time planning a fic out instead of just writing it, so, if it's a bit awkward, I'm sorry.
Warning: LOTS OF TRIGGERING CONTENT (or there will be over the entire fic, this is just the start) This includes but is not limited to rape, self harm and abuse.

Step one: Breathe.
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Under the Light of the Moon [S/A] [19 Apr 2011|02:15pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Under the Light of the Moon
Author: [info]corey_f
Pairing: Mikey/Pete
Rating: PG
Warning: Some swearing...
Word count: 1353
[info]mcr_bingo prompt: AU: Werewolf
Disclaimer: No, Pete is not a werewolf, he doesn't live with any of the members of MCR or any other band, and everyone mentioned in this story is happily married (once again, to their wives, not to each other).
Summary: Pete doesn't want to risk hurting Mikey. Mikey doesn't care.

If you go down to the woods today...

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One Night and One More Time [S/A] [19 Apr 2011|02:14pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: One Night and One More Time
Author: [info]corey_f 
Paring: Unrequited Pete/Mikey, background Gerard/Frank
Rating: 15
Warning: Strong language, and - believe it or not - this is the smuttiest thing that I've ever written. It's probably nothing compared to some of the things on here, but I think it's pretty smutty.
Word count: 2157
[info]mcr_bingo  prompt: Kink: Breath Play
Disclaimer: I don't own these guys, and there is no evidence to suggest that Pete, Mikey, Gerard or Frank aren't happily married (to their wives, not to each other).
Summary: A *ahem* mishap leaves Mikey unconscious in the hopsital, and Pete takes this opportunity to tell him how he really feels.

He tastes like you only sweeter...
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No More Fallouts For This Fall Out Boy [06 Mar 2011|03:53pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Title: No More Fallouts For This Fall Out Boy
Author: GwenCarmichael
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: PG
Warning: none
Word Count: 4779
mcr_bingo prompt: Other—Break Up
Disclaimer: I don't own MCR or Fall Out Boy or claim that this is true. (You know the drill.)
Summary: When Pete’s marriage falls apart, it’s time the past falls back together.  

"I turned into the fall out boy."

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Looking for a fic [06 Mar 2011|01:14am]

Alright, so there was this fic I remember where Mikey is in college and dating Pete, Pete's doing the band thing and trying to get famous and he meets Patrick during this fic and Mikey gets all jealous and thinks Pete is cheating on him, only it turns out Pete isn't interested in Patrick at all. I think Mikey was working at the campus library or something, but he was also a student teacher for the math class that Patrick was in. Please let me know if you know the name to this fic or could link me, thanks!
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Killjoy Round Robin Community [13 Feb 2011|12:56am]

killjoy_rr is a Killjoy Round Robin community where anyone can post the beginning of a fic and anyone can contribute to it in the comments.

If you want to be a part of this, join and/or watch killjoy_rr. Read the rules here, then make your own post or add your own contribution to an existing post!

Once you're done, pimp the comm to all your Killjoy writing and reading friends! I hope to see you there!



P.S. If this is not allowed, please delete or ask me to and I will do so.
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Birthday Fic: Love's Sweet Exile [09 Feb 2011|12:54am]

Title: Love's Sweet Exile
Author: Casey Ben Sullivan
Pairing: Mikey/Pete, background Gerard/Alicia & Frank/Jamia
Rating: teen
POV: third person, Mikey's POV
Summary: Getting people to understand that you're gender-neutral isn't easy. Finding someone to love isn't any easier - but Mikey's lucky. He's got Pete. The non-boys glam it up while listening to the Manic Street Preachers and making plans for the future.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true.
Author's Note: Written for the_fragments on his birthday. I'm about two weeks early! I need to thank Nikki for the request, the plot, and the Manic Street Preachers quotes and knowledge. This fic would not exist without him. Also, the title belongs to the Manics as well.

( Love's Sweet Exile )
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Roll Away Your Stone (standalone) [09 Sep 2010|04:20pm]

Title: Roll Away Your Stone (standalone)
Author: ivesia19
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mikey/Pete (side Brendon/Ryan)
POV: 3rd limited (Mikey)
Summary: Semi-magical dystopian AU! Mikey doesn’t know where music comes from, he just knows that he likes it.
Disclaimer: Fake. False. Fabrication. Fallacy. Other “f” words.
Beta: coffeshop_kites
Author Notes: For The Pete and Mikey Happy Fic Challenge ! This story was influenced by many wonderful dystopian novels (mainly The Hunger Games, The Giver, and Anthem), and the title belongs to the fantastic Mumford & Sons.

Roll Away Your Stone
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Invisible (Chapter One) [07 Sep 2009|07:00pm]

Title: Invisible
Author: feverousdreams
Rating: R
Summary: When it was just Pete and Mikey, Pete treated Mikey like he invented his air. But when anyone else walked into the room Mikey is unimportant. Invisible, even. In spite, one night he wished on 11:11 that he would become just that.

When he woke up in the morning, his wish had come true.
Author's note: The first chapter of my latest work. This story was written for the Michael James Way contest on Mibba. My prompt was "I couldn't hear his voice over the noise of the band on stage."

Collapse )
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Catalyst (standalone) [16 Aug 2009|12:40pm]

Title: Catalyst (standalone)
Author: ivesia19
Rating: R
Pairing: Pete/Mikey (heavy side Brendon/Ryan and Gerard/Frank)
POV: 3rd limited
Summary: High school AU OR the one where Mikey might be having not-so-pure thoughts about the school’s newest soccer player; Ryan is a jealous emo lesbian; and Gerard thinks that love is all you need. ~6,000
Disclaimer: This is fiction. Complete fiction, though any name mentioned in here should wonder why there’s so much of this floating around.
Beta: habezweikatzen
Author Notes: The lovely takkatakkatakka requested for me to write a Mikey/Pete with a side of my OTP. I can’t say no to her. And yes, I know I have promised a lot of other fic. I’m….working on it?

Click here to read!
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[29 Jun 2009|02:17am]

I've created a rec list of all of my favorite Pete/Mikey fics and I'm here to share :) Clicky Clicky → here
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A Matter Of Importance [13 Jun 2009|05:43pm]

I have been asked, by a friend, to repost this wherever there is bandom, particularly slash, at work.
I'm hoping the mods will allow this through. I personally did not write this, but agree with it entirely.

Please read this, as it concerns most, if not all, who read and write fics.

Thank you for your time!

Collapse )
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Love means never having to say "You're lyrics" [09 Jun 2009|07:09pm]

Title: Love means never having to say "You're lyrics" (1/1)
Author: strangecreature
Rating: R
Summary: Summer of Like, now with 82-percent more concentrated insanity. And a death ray made out of socks. Of course.
Author's note: Crossposted to my own journal last month. My apologies if you've already seen it!

Fire at will!
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